Me? Goth?

April 20, 2005 at 10:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Ok, this definitely isn’t one of my finer writing moments, but since I’m keeping all my writing in one place, I figure this has to be included. I just entered it into a Jane Magazine contest to win a collection of best selling books. The topic had to be “Why I need a little more Goth in my Life,” and it couldn’t be more than 5 sentences long. Here goes…

Ahh, Goth, the land of ebony eyeliner and heavy combat boots, not to mention the “I Dare You” mentality. Why do I need a little more, you ask? Black eyeliner hides bags brought on by spending the night next to a puking six-year-old, heavy boots make ‘putting your foot down’ much more intimidating, and ohh that mentality works wonders on eight-year-old boys who stoop to pick on those who are smaller and more innocent than they. Mothers everywhere could use a little more Goth, I say. Our children may thank us for it.



  1. BonnieK said,

    you forgot about the black clothes to hide in doorways and catch those brats doing what it is they do at 3 am

  2. albert e said,

    I will come back to C’ville just to see you wear a goth outfit. You thought they criticized your appearance before…..btw- I think you will win….I don’t know if you want to read what you will win…

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