unfinished business

September 10, 2008 at 4:04 pm (Uncategorized)

(written 2/2008)

divorced male
looking for a
godly wife,
a best friend,
a quiet nighttime hand holder.
funny how,
in the whole world,
that’s all i wanted to be,
you weren’t looking for me

and now the angry version…

(left stranded and all alone to suffer)
(i have the penis so you will do as i say)
(better than everyone else and don’t you forget it, they’re all a bunch of sinful worms and we are superior)
looking for a
godly woman
(clean up, spotless, smile all the time, don’t you dare complain or question, make sure you entertain all the church folk and convert the rest, your family will eventually come around and if they don’t they’ll just have to rot, won’t they?)
best friend
(or at least make it appear that you are, we’ll laugh at the right times and share knowing looks… i have no idea what you like just as long as you think the same thing i do about the bible and child rearing)
quiet nighttime hand holder
(quiet being the key word, don’t talk to your sister too much, you get rowdy and that’s not ladylike… oh and i may ignore you all day until the last 10 minutes before bed, so you better get ready for some emotionless intercourse)
I wanted that
more than anything
(until I knew what it was)


1 Comment

  1. Eaton Bennett said,

    This is an amazing piece of poetry. I get a very strong feel for what you are saying.

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