Remembering Last Christmas

December 15, 2008 at 9:17 am (Uncategorized)

Red cups are back
and all I think of
is you.
Antonio, Anastasia
fairy tale stories
and chilly gray days.
Peeking through blinds
at a million
tiny flakes.
Our white breath
inside your
black car.
Talks of slippery ice
and buildings
full of old men
and Glocks.

Gallons of coffee.
Miles of books.

Hours of metal men
cooking on teevee.
Electric blankets
morning headaches.
Basements full of
dark corners,
flashing bulbs,
thumping hearts,
and a
naughty chair.

All this and so much more
in a
red cup.

Never make the mistake
of thinking that I
will forget.

1 Comment

  1. thorn said,

    It is… was…

    one of the most… perfect… holiday seasons I had ever had.

    And I won’t ever forget either.

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